Recording in the studio


Being comfortable in your environment is something that Joe and the rest of the Woodriver team believe is crucial when creating music, that’s why he, Isaac and Liam worked together to create a space that felt as comfortable as someone’s living room but with the acoustics, equipment list, professionalism and benefits of a genuine studio. The whole studio revolves around the mixing room and live room. These rooms have been treated and analysed so that they sound as balanced as they possibly can (which we believe is pretty great!).

Both rooms have air conditioning because hey, you’re going to get hot when making music right? We have our own kitchenette, and fridge so if you don’t feel like getting takeaway you can bring your own food or drinks in.

Having a space where the three owners are all musicians comes with its own perks too, Isaac who is the resident drummer owns a Tama Star and Tama Hyperdrive kit as well as various snares which he is willing to lend to recording artists.

Liam and Joe who play guitar and bass respectively have a boutique Badcat Lynx amplifier as well as Joe’s Ampeg SVT Classic, which is one of the most widely known and highly regarded amplifiers made. This as well as a wide variety of other amplifiers, cabinets and pedals help make up just some of our usable gear list here at Woodriver Studios.

The three of us are all skilled musicians and would love to work as session musicians on any of your recordings if required.

Just have a listen to some of the artists that we have worked with, or even better yet, come in and check it out for yourself! We are always open to showing our hard work off so if you are interested checking out our space just send us a message and we can give you a tour!


Our equipment includes:


AKG 414 (pair)

AKG D112

Beyer M88


Heil PR20



Rode NT5 (pair) (Oktava custom modded)

Rode NTK

Rode K2

Royer 121

Sennheiser 421 x2

Sennheiser E609

Shure SM57 x2

Shure SM7B


Antelope Zen Studio

(up to 192khz tracking over 24 simultaneous channels)

Microphone Preamps

12 Antelope Mic Preamps 

Warm Audio WA12 API clone

Alctron MP100 

Warm Audio WA412 4 channel API clone

Rack Gear:

Empirical Labs Distressor

Warm Audio WA76 1176 clone


Badcat Lynx 50

ENGL Invader 150

Fender Bassman 135

Fender Pro Jr combo

Mesa M6 Carbine

Peavey Mk iii Bass amp

Peavey Mk IV Bass amp

SCION Tube amp (70's Newcastle based company)


Ampeg 8x10 Classic bass cabinet

Mesa Boogie 4x12 w/Celestion V30

Jansen 1x15 cabinet (70's AU/NZ vintage)

Orange 4x12 w/ Celestion speakers

Drum Kits

Tama Star - Walnut (Handcrafted in Japan)

Kick Drum 22”

Toms 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”

Tama Superstar-Hyperdrive - Maple

Kick Drum 22”

Toms 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”


Snare Drums

14 x 6.5 Tama Star - Walnut

14 x 5.5 Tama Superstar - Maple

14 x 7 Yamaha Japan - Brass

14 x 5.5 Pearl Sensitone - Steel

14 x 5 Mapex M Series - Birch


Rhodes Mk1 Stage Piano (1978)

Roland Organ/Synth keyboard