Lessons are customised and tailored to suit each student's level of experience. We have an open door policy, and we encourage parents, family and friends to sit in on lessons, if they wish. Our tutors all have professional tutoring experience, working with children checks and over a decade of their own training and education. Our goal is to provide a structured learning environment whilst building confidence and supporting the development of creative freedom.


Drum Tuition

The drummer is often regarded as the backbone of a band. It’s the drummer who counts the band in and it’s the drummer who keeps the tempo steady. Our lessons focus on the distinct art of drumming, including drumming techniques, reading music and drum theory. Most importantly, our drum lessons are fun, exciting, inspiring and a true rhythmic experience.

Guitar Tuition

The guitar is an instrument that is immediately recognisable. One riff or chord progression can be all it takes for someone to recognise their favourite song. It has distinct characteristics that resonate on a number of different levels whether it be played solo or in an ensemble, electric or acoustic. Lessons will focus on developing correct playing techniques, theory and sight reading, whilst keeping it fun, exciting, all while building the players confidence.


Bass Guitar Tuition

The bass guitar is the bridge that connects rhythm, harmony and melody. The bass player has the ability to change the drive and feel of the music. Lessons will focus on playing techniques, music theory, and all the skills necessary to allow you to perform the songs you love, as well as the ones you want to create.



We offer flexible payment options, however, most students will pay per a school term (ten weeks) as follows;

- $35 per thirty minute lesson or $350 per a ten week term.

- one off 'casual' lessons are available at $40 per thirty minute lesson and are subject to availability.

- We also offer a discounted 'introductory' lesson at $20 per thirty minute lesson. This offer is valid for any first timers. 

As mentioned previously, we offer flexible payment plans, so please contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail.